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JOHN (HARRY) APPLEBY - 16 Apr 1854 to 23 Oct 1935

a. John was born at Layer-de-la-Haye, nr Colchester, Essex, 16/4/1854. b. His parents were John and Mary Ann Appleby.

c. 1871 Census - Layer-de-la-Haye.

John Appleby Hd M 66 Ag Lab Layer-de-la-Haye
Mary Ann W M 57   " " " "
John S UnM 16 Ag Lab " " " "

d. The Victoria Lodge of Odd Fellows, No. 119, London Unity, - Application

10/1/1877 John Appleby Age 22 Boot Riveter
4 Butt Rd Bapt. Layer Breton Independent Chapel
Colchester (Earnings) 18/- per week
(Signs) John Appleby

N.B. Did NOT take up membership. Was John employed by Robert Prestney, Bootmaker, 5 Butt Rd? Prestney was an Odd Fellow and Freeman of Colchester.

e. The Victoria Lodge of Odd Fellows, No. 119, London Unity, - Application

14/9/1881 John Appleby Single, Age 27 Boot Riveter
20 Brook St Bapt. Congregational Chapel, Layer Breton
Colchester (Earnings) 18/- per week
10/6 Class (Sickness Pay per week)
No Signature.

N.B. Did NOT take up membership or pay subscriptions/dues. This Lodge met in nearby Magdalen Street, Colchester.

f. 6/11/1884 Married Lucy Lee, (born 26/3/1865) at Congregational Church, Brightlingsea. Her father was a Mariner. g 1884 - John was Shop Manager, 48 High St.,Brightlingsea.

N.B. There were several Bootmakers in High St.,Brightlingsea then.

h. 1890 - Kelly's Directory - John, Bootmaker, 48 High St.,Brightlingsea

i. 1891 Census - Ardleigh

John (36)
Lucy (27)
Harry, born 21/4/1885
Robert, born 26/12/1887
Ida, born 1889
Rowland, born 189-
Lily, born 189-
Fred, born -
Reginald, born -

Kelly's Directory

j 1894 John Bootmaker High St.,Brightlingsea
k 1895 ditto ditto ditto
l 1899 ditto ditto ditto
m 1902 John Bootmaker Victoria Place, Brightlingsea
n 1906 ditto ditto ditto
o 1908 ditto ditto ditto
p 1910 ditto ditto ditto

q 1911 - Resides at Thorrington.

r 1912, 1914 and 1917 not mentioned in Kelly's Directory

s 1920 - Brightlingsea Guide and Directory

- Edited by H. Deans, Printed/Published by East Essex Printing Workds, Ltd.Clacton.

Brightlingsea 14 Queen St John Appleby
  16 Well St Elizabeth Appleby

t 1922 - Kelly's Directory - John,Bootmaker, 36 Queen St. Brightlingsea

u 1925/1926 - Kelly's Directory - John, Boot Repairer, 14 Queen St., Brightlingsea

v 1929 not mentioned in Kelly's Directory.

w 23/10/1935 - died, aged 80.

(stamped as follows)

John S. Appleby F.R.HIST.S ARO/AE36  

Produced by John S. Appleby at Appleby Research Organization


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