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Appleby, Harold Rider b 31 May 1912 Montreal, Canada

Appleby, Harry b 21 Apr 1885 Brightlingsea, Essex, England

Appleby, John b 13 Apr 1857 Layer de la Hay, Essex, England

Appleby, John b 16 Aug 1755 Boxted, Essex, England

Floyd, Clarence Herrick b 9 Nov 1894 Waltham, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Floyd, Dorothy Elizabeth b 14 Oct 1905 Holden, Penobscot, Maine

Floyd, Irving Leslie b 5 Apr 1899 Brewer, Penobscot, Maine

Floyd, John Leon b 29 Oct 1896 Holden, Penobscot, Maine

Groves, Amy Agnes b 12 May 1887 Clewer, Windsor, Berks and Surrey, England

Groves, Philip b 15 Nov 1864 Water Oakley Bray, Berks, England

Lee, Lucy b 26 Mar 1864 Brightlingsea, Essex, England

Remington, June Clarice b 22 Jul 1918 Ontario, San Bernardino, California

Short, Agnes Louisa b 1 Sep 1865 New Windsor, Windsor, Berks, England


Appleby, John to Lee, Lucy m 6 Nov 1884 Brightlingsea, Essex, England


Appleby, John d 23 Oct 1934 Brightlingsea, Essex, England

Floyd, Charles Allen d 21 Nov 1920 Coronado, San Diego, California

Floyd, Clara Louise (Teschler) d 6 Dec 1989 Lakewood, Los Angeles, California

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