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My Appleby Related Families is my entire database of over 3,800 relations by blood, marriage and adoption.  Those persons who are still living are represented by the symbol "Living." Other specific information is excluded to protect the privacy of living persons.  You can navigate through the entire database by relation.  You can also search by surname and select from a list by other detailed information about that person.  Many different surnames are included. The software used to prepare the web pages is Legacy 5.0 by Millennia.  The software used to manage the database is RootsMagic 2.04a.  If you find any errors, please let me know.

Appleby surname profiler shows distribution in the United Kingdom in years 1881 and 1998 by mapped representations of the population distribution for those years as prepared by Daryl Lloyd, Richard Webber and Paul Longley.

A biography of my great grandfather, John Appleby, was prepared by the folks at Appleby Research Organisation (A.R.O.) and is online here.

A certificate for another John Appleby born in 1855 was received by mistake. His birth certificate is here on-line.

In 1957 my mother's family had a big reunion of Floyds and Remingtons, et al, in Pomona, California. There is a  large color picture of everyone together and a legend showing the position and names of each person. If you have plenty of time you might find it interesting.

Also the Appleby family genealogy information here has been contributed to the Appleby Research Organisation

The Appleby surname was listed on the RootsWeb Surname List.

Another source for other Appleby surname is The Appleby Heritage Association.

Time permitting lookups will be done in resources that are in this local repository. Just e-mail with your request.

See the Standards for use of technology in genealogical research.

Maine Counties and their origination dates are provided in table form. Many of my maternal grandmother's relatives originated in Maine.

Day of Week Calculator to see what day of the week an event happened? 

Tiny Miracles Born Out Of Tragedy An article speculating about an effect of the 9/11 tragedy.

Update: California Vital Record Closures which has a big effect on genealogical research.

Legitimate (per Dick Eastman's newsletter of 5/7/2000) coats of arms links:
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Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies

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