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In 1927, Eben B. Hodgkins published his book of genealogy of Hancock County Branch of the Hodgkins family from Philip Hodgkins and Shemuel Hodgkins, who came to Hancock, Maine, in 1764, down to the year 1924.

In addition to the Hancock Hodgkins, he included many references to the name of Hodgkins in England and in America as found in history, biography, and in encyclopedias.

Although he included an index to the reference numbers that he assigned to the Hancock branch Hodgkins as he progressed down the line, no other index was provided to the page numbers in the book.

I have therefore gone through the book and made an index of all of the names of persons mentioned in the book, an index of all of the places, occupations, major events, institutions mentioned and of the anecdotes about individuals Eben provided in his book.

Each index refers to the page number in Eben's book where the individual, place, occupation, institution or anecdote is mentioned. Eventually it is hoped to link the index to images of each page referenced. In the meantime, I prepared a Table of Contents with links to each page of the book. You may also change the page number in the browser address to change to the next or prior page to view it.

Omitted from the index are sections of the book dealing with heraldry, the preface and the address given at a family reunion, following the preface. Month and day is omitted and only the year is shown in the index.

The index of names has a separate list of all of the surnames, as well is a finder list for the given names of persons with a Hodgkins surname.

There is also a facsimile reproduction of this book as call number 929.273 H667he at the Family History Library at Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Prepared by: Don Evan Appleby (8th generation) 1 Apr 2000 and updated 24 Mar 2002.

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