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Maine Counties and their origination dates.



1854 03 18

Cumberland, Oxford, Kennebec, Lincoln


1836 03 16

Washington, Penobscot, Somerset, Piscataquis (1844).

Aroostock County had land added to it with an addition from Penobscot County on 21 Mar 1843 and an addition from Piscataquis and Somerset Counties on 12 Mar 1844.




Footnote 2. From A Gazetteer of the State of Maine, by George J. Varney: "York County, formed the the south-western portion of the State, grew into its present name and form by degrees, and during a long period. Its beginning may be considered to have been the establishment of the government of the Province of Maine in 1640, by the proprietor, Sir Ferdinando Gorges. The limits of this province extended from the Piscataqua River to the Kennebec. The province soon came to be considered as two districts, first spoken of as the East and West districts, or counties, of which the Kennebunk River was regarded as the dividing line. The town of York being the shire town of the western section, that portion gradually came to be called York district, or county, the other being called Somerset, or New Somerset. The Kennebunk River also proved to be the western boundary of the temporary Province of Lygonia. In 1652, Maine came under the control of Massachusetts, and the Isles of Shoals and all the territory northward of Piscataqua River to the White Mountains, and thence eastward to Penobscot Bay, were included in the re-named and extended jurisdiction of Yorkshire. All this was overturned by the King's commissioners in 1664, who revived the divisions as established by Gorges, and formed the territory east of the Kennebec divisions as established by Gorges, and formed the territory east of the Kennebec into the county of Cornwall. In 1677, however, Massachusetts purchased the Province of Maine of Gorges' heirs; and again Yorkshire was extended westward as far as the Kennebec. In 1716, the General Court ordered the extension of Yorkshire, so as to include all the settlements eastward; and accordingly Penobscot Bay became again the eastern boundary. In 1735, courts were ordered to be held at York and Falmouth, and the county received its present name. The establishment in 1760 of the new county of Cumberland, gave York County its present boundary on that side. In 1805, Oxford County was formed, when York County first assumed its present limits."

Under Treaty of Breda, half of Cornwall went to France and half went to Massachusetts, according to Maine History, Louis Clinton Hatch, Ph.D., 1919, The American Historical Society, page 16.



1760 03 28


Androscoggin 1854, Franklin 1838, Oxford 1805



Colonial Lands.
(See Footnote 2 to this field for Cornwall)

Footnote 4. These counties were more geographic areas rather than counties even though they were considered counties for some time. These counties became more superfluous as time passed with the constant changes and new treaties between France and England from 1674 on. By the time the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783, these counties [East, New Somerset, West] had completely been absorbed into other counties.



1838 03 20

Cumberland, Oxford, Kennebec, Somerset



1789 06 25


Penobscot 1816, Waldo 1827

KENNEBEC 1799 02 20


Hancock 1789, Kennebec 1799, Sagadohoc 1854, Washington 1789, Waldo 1827, Anroscoggin 1854, Knox 1860

KNOX 1860 03 09

Lincoln, Waldo

LINCOLN 1760 06 19


Hancock 1789, Kennebec 1799, Sagadohoc 1854, Washington 1789, Waldo 1827, Androscoggin 1854, Know 1860


Colonial Lands

OXFORD 1805 03 04

York, Cumberland

Androscoggin 1854, Franklin 1838

PENOBSCOT 1816 02 15


Aroostock 1839, Piscataquis 1838

PISCATAQUIS 1838 03 23

Penobscot, Somerset

Aroostock 1844

SAGADAHOC 1854 04 04


SOMERSET 1809 03 01


Piuscataquis 1838, aroostock 1844, Franklin 1838

WALDO 1827 02 07

Hancock, Waldo, Lincoln

Knox 1860

WASHINGTON 1789 06 25


Aroostock 1839

WEST 1640

Colonial Lands

YORK 1652 11 20


Cumberland 1760, Lincoln 1760, Oxford 1805


Colonial Lands

York 1652

SOURCE: Maine 1850 Census Index, Editors: Jackson, Ronald Vern & Teeples, Gary Ronald, published by Accelerated Indexing Systems, Inc. 1978


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