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When it began
Don became a resident of Stoneybrook on January 1, 1971 when it was Stoneybrook Apartments. I bought the same apartment which had been converted to condominium in 1983.  Obviously I like living at this beautiful complex to live here for 40-years.

Your Participation with Association
I hope you will consider volunteering for participation in committees or to be candidates for election to the board.  We need qualified individuals who are willing to learn and work for the association.

Results of 2016 Election and Annual Meeting (unofficial)
Directors and officers:
Speedy Watson 679 votes - President
Robert Paternoster 129 votes - Vice President
Robert Sanchez 134 votes - Secretary
Nima Novin 114 votes - Treasurer
Don Appleby 122 votes - Member at large

Yolanda Duarte-White 95 votes
Ward Johnson 67 votes
Fabrizio Zazzeron 18 votes
Carolyn Miller 11 votes

1,375 votes were cast out of possible 3,705 votes

Raffle winner $100 gift certificate:
Pat Stubbs



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